Another software for your ERP system? Yes!

Why you should usefully supplement your EPR software and professionalise the core process of your management business, the tenant changeover.

Enterprise resource planning systems, ERP for short, are widely used basic systems in today's property management. An ERP is a core system for master data entry, with which you cover the entire range of commercial and technical property management processes.

However, ERP systems do not map integrative processes in which tenants and owners should be involved in communication. This is the case, for example, with tenant changes, the core process of the property management business. 

Here, the ERP system records a status, but the associated process, from marketing to handover, today takes place outside the ERP system - via marketing portals, e-mail, telephone and documents filled out by hand.

If the property is advertised on a marketing portal, the enquiries from interested parties come in by e-mail. Sorting through them and selecting the right profiles is a manual, time-consuming process that is not very standardised. 

Then it's time to schedule viewings, which is often done by e-mail or telephone and involves a lot of coordination. 

The applicants' documents are often illegibly filled out by hand, scanned as PDFs and sent via email. Missing documents have to be requested. At the same time, it is impossible to see the current status of the hiring in an ERP system:

  • Are there already suitable applicants?
  • Does the advertisement have to be placed again?
  • Can the letting date be met?

The many individual manual steps cause long waiting times, errors and costly communication. Frequent breaks between the different communication channels also make it impossible to record the current status of the rental.

PropTech specialist solutions like EverReal take over when an ERP reaches its limit

And this is where PropTech special solutions come in, by meaningfully supplementing the basic master data system. For example, the EverReal platform, which seamlessly digitally maps the process of changing tenants from A to Z in one system and thus professionalises it to the maximum.

When a property becomes available, the letting process is set in motion in EverReal. The advertisements are placed on all common portals with one click. The enquiries from interested parties are entered into the system, which automatically pre-sorts them according to individually definable criteria and, if desired, invites them to viewings. These are based on free time slots that you have determined in advance. If an appointment needs to be postponed - the prospective tenants take care of that themselves - again in EverReal. And so on, step by step, the software guides you through each individual work step until the flat is handed over. 

The application documents are also requested by the system, checked for completeness and filed in a structured manner. The real-time status of the letting process can be viewed at any time in the dashboard. Intelligent functions and helpful automations standardise the process and make it possible that even career changers or trainees can carry out the letting in a high-quality manner.

Share master data, communicate digitally with owners and prospective tenants

Just like the prospective tenants or applicants, the owners can also be actively involved in the communication and coordination processes in EverReal. They give feedback on the exposé via chat function or select their preferred tenant with one click in the system. E-mails and phone calls are superfluous and the change of tenant is done three times as fast. 

And should the property ever be sold, you can start the sales process directly or commission an agent and simply connect him to EverReal. He can then start the sales process immediately with the existing data.

Get to know EverReal!

We will be happy to show you how the software works and how it can noticeably relieve your daily workload. We can clarify directly whether EverReal can be integrated into your existing ERP system. You too can exchange effort for a smile! 

You can arrange your individual consultation appointment here.

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