Digital rental processes: Renting real estate in a few steps

With digital rental processes, you can rent out apartments up to 80 percent faster than with manual management. Tools from EverReal make all processes available online in digital form and make it easier to find solvent tenants.


Letting residential properties should be as quick and easy as possible. In reality, unfortunately, things are often different and a lot of time passes from the vacancy to the handover of the rental property. In order to market it, you have to place ads in various real estate portals, manually sort and answer inquiries, organize viewing appointments by e-mail or telephone. This costs owners, estate agents or property management companies a lot of time. Digital rental processes save time, effort and increase the satisfaction of (potential) tenants and property owners. Your employees also benefit from digital processes: they automate procedures and facilitate organization.

Digital rental processes from tenant self-disclosure to graduated rental agreements

Digital rental processes make it possible to bring properties to solvent tenants securely, quickly and effectively. Whether you let a commercial property, an apartment or a garage: With EverReal, the entire process is handled via one platform. You can place your ad online, schedule viewing appointments automatically, obtain a self-disclosure from tenants automatically, draw up and personalize rental agreements. Even a complex contract form such as a graduated rental agreement can be created in just a few steps and made available to all parties to the contract with the EverReal software.

Digitalization on the advance

It is high time for digital rental processes. After all, digitization has become an integral part of our lives. Virtually everything can now be done online: Contacts to companies can be established via e-mail or electronic forms, vacations, flights, hotels can be booked and rebooked via smartphone, and information can be sent directly to a cell phone via push message. Digital processes also make life easier at home. Shutters and lighting can be controlled centrally via the tablet, the garage can be opened and closed via smartphone, and clever systems reveal who is at the front door without having to leave the sofa.


Against this background, it is surprising that digital processes in real estate marketing have not been available nationwide so far. After all, it is in the interest of all parties involved to let vacant living space as quickly as possible. Vacancies are at the expense of property owners, and especially in tight housing markets such as in large cities and conurbations, living space is rare. Real estate that remains vacant for longer periods of time further exacerbates the situation. 

Renting real estate: Filter and sort inquiries

However, it is not so easy to find suitable tenants, especially in strained markets. If an advertisement is placed online by housing companies or estate agents, they receive several hundred inquiries within a few hours. Here it is important to separate the wheat from the chaff, filter out suitable candidates for the respective object with Smart Matching and assign them to these viewing appointments.


The landlord or the property management specifies the requirements and the system compares them with the object inquiries. If necessary data, such as the size of the household, is missing, the system automatically queries it and enters the information. The landlord sees in such a way on a view all inquiries as well as the fit and invites prospective customers to the inspection. After the appointment they fill out the self-disclosure form and the matching ratio is updated based on the new data.


Completing these tasks manually is tedious and error-prone. Against the background of the current DSGVO, it can have fatal consequences if not all data is collected in a secure place and provided with automatic deletion periods. In addition, the time for sorting and managing requests can be used more effectively. With digital rental processes, you can automate these tasks, save time, money and resources, and the marketing of the property is much faster.

How digital rental processes accelerate the rental process

With EverReal you have a tool for all tasks in real estate marketing. Real estate agents, property management companies, property developers, cooperatives and property developers benefit from numerous functions. These include, among others:

- the possibility to create search profiles and filter out suitable interested parties more quickly,
- the Smart Matching of interested parties based on individual requirements,
- the possibility to assign viewing appointments automatically,
- have the tenant fill out the self-disclosure form digitally,
- access documents online,
- to automatically check and write to interested parties,
- sign documents such as graduated rental agreements electronically.

From placing a real estate ad on various portals to handing over the apartment, EverReal automates all processes. All inquiries from different portals are bundled on one platform, and you receive a clear list of all interested parties, including the tenant's self-disclosure. Invitations to viewings can be sent automatically. If desired, the appointment can be digitally confirmed or cancelled and interested parties can view alternative appointments. After the inspection, interested parties can upload all necessary documents and access records electronically. If a rental agreement is concluded, it is available digitally and can be signed via the system.

Renting made easy

Even the handover of the apartment can be made efficient and secure with digital aids. All you need is a smartphone or tablet. The EverReal system lists all the necessary items that are important for checking the condition of the apartment. Defects can be entered, inspected areas can be checked off, and photos can be added. Finally, all parties sign the handover protocol directly in the system. A copy by e-mail is automatically sent to the parties and the protocol is available in the system for retrieval.

Digital rental processes as advantages for landlords and tenants

Digital rental processes facilitate and accelerate the rental of residential space and are also used when you want to rent out a business. Design all processes digitally and online. As a broker, administration or housing company, you are on the safe and fast side: You save around 80 percent of time when you rent out a property.

This increases satisfaction among employees and tenants. The former do not have to fear a (longer) vacancy, the latter find suitable living space more quickly. The time previously required for making appointments, preparing and reviewing documents, handing over the apartment and signing the lease can now be used for other purposes - for example, to acquire new customers and launch new projects.

Tenants no longer have to show up at the real estate agent's or administration office to sign the lease - something that many people find difficult to do, whether for professional reasons or because they do not yet live in the city where their new home is located. Brokers and Co. therefore rely on digital rental processes with EverReal, which means that an on-site visit for the signing of the contract by the future tenant is no longer necessary. Except for the inspection and handover, all necessary steps to the dream apartment are carried out electronically - just as tenants are used to in everyday life today.

To learn more about EverReal and get to know our software request a product demo - it's for free and without any obligations. And it's worth doing!

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