DMRE 2019: EverReal presents autonomous "driving" for rental companies

Simply set the destination and then devote yourself to other, more important things than driving while driving - this is what many people who regularly spend long periods of time behind the wheel want. After all, autopilots have been standard in airplanes for many years. And that's why the automotive industry is working intensively on solutions that will make the idea of autonomous driving a practical reality in everyday life.

Many rental companies have a similar situation to drivers and pilots: The rental process is largely always the same and only at a few crucial points does it require "manual control". The rest has to be done, but it takes a relatively long time and does not contribute to the added value. For example, incoming inquiries must be collected, answered with confirmations of receipt and sorted according to certain criteria. From those interested parties who would be eligible in principle, it is then necessary to request documents such as proof of income, proof of freedom from rent debts or Schufa information. The finally selected prospective tenant must also be sent a draft of the lease and, if necessary, some background information before the lease is signed physically.

The participants of the DMRE conference in Berlin were able to convince themselves this year during the presentation of EverReal live that all these steps can be automated. Because with the digital rental platform from EverReal, autonomous "driving" is already a reality for landlords today - regardless of whether they offer apartments, commercial space or coworking jobs. DMRE stands for "Digital Meets Real Estate" and was designed as a conference for the digital real estate industry. EverReal took the opportunity to use its own practical example to demonstrate the enormous potential that digitalization offers in the real estate industry.

"In the meantime we have even gone one step further. Because in addition to the rental of apartments and commercial space, EverReal can now also be used for real estate sales" says Nessim Djerboua, co-founder and CEO of EverReal. "With the help of our solution, real estate sellers can have their backs free for customer meetings and for generating new business, just like landlords. This not only relieves their workload, but also creates the conditions to be able to reach the prospective tenants and buyers of tomorrow, who are increasingly difficult to approach with conventional means of real estate marketing.


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