With the interface between EverReal and casavi to holistic real estate management without a flood of paper, stress and scheduling chaos

A gateway to holistic real estate management: two PropTech companies, EverReal and casavi, create a powerful API interface. Together with their connection to a modern ERP system, the two special software solutions enable the entire utilisation cycle of a property, the tenant change process as well as property management to be handled in a maximally structured, simple, fast and economical manner.
The icing on the cake: Implementation and familiarisation with the two software solutions are completed in just a few hours. This means that the leasing team can be relieved in a particularly timely manner.

Modern special solutions with interfaces instead of "could do everything" real estate software

The daily service spectrum of a property manager is becoming more and more extensive: changes in the law, technical developments, lack of qualified personnel, but also increasing demands of clients and customers make it more and more difficult to work in a legally compliant, efficient and customer-oriented manner.

Building an integrated digital infrastructure that automates core business processes to the maximum is one of the most important solutions, along with focusing on internal core competencies, structuring work processes and staff development.

The right software solutions can further improve and even expand the core competencies of a real estate company, relieve the team of routine tasks and make them noticeably more efficient. Digitised processes are standardised and transparent. This not only ensures quality, but also makes it easier to train new employees. And last but not least, owners as well as interested parties and tenants appreciate the convenience of modern digital communication. Ideally, any special software can be connected to the basic master data system to automate additional routine tasks and avoid transmission errors (e.g. master data export).

It is not for nothing that "API", the programme interface between two software solutions, became the real estate word of the year 2021, as the last Immobilien Zeitung survey showed.

Thanks to the interface - 45% fewer calls, significant postage savings and up to 80% faster tenant turnover.

Today, core business processes such as letting and managing properties often still run through different systems or even manually. Time and again, data has to be transferred to different marketing portals, CRM systems and document templates. Telephone calls often lead to loss of information and time, mailings of important notices or rental contracts mean high postage costs and long waiting times. The result is well-known - stressed property managers, dissatisfied customers, unprofitable business.
The example of Compass Immobilien shows that this can be done more successfully: the real estate company from Osnabrück now works almost exclusively digitally. For example, they have been using the paperless office since 2017 - all mail is digitised, sorted and filed. This means that important documents no longer get lost and can be found more quickly. Appointments or deadlines are also no longer forgotten or confused so quickly.

Property management: networked and customer-oriented

Compass Immobilien's core business, property management, is also already digital and cloud-based. For this, the team uses the casavi platform, which intelligently networks owners, tenants, administrators, facility managers and other service providers.
Whether important appointments or messages: Compass Immobilien handles communication with tenants and owners digitally - in the app or on the digital infoboard. Documents that need to be in written form are digitally prepared for dispatch, sorted and sent at the touch of a button via hybrid mail. Enveloping and posting are no longer necessary.
Tenants submit damage reports online and service providers are also commissioned digitally. All processes are structured and stored centrally, including processing history.

Paperless tenant changeover: from marketing to handover

Compass Immobilien has also been managing the tenant changeover process completely and seamlessly digitally in the EverReal platform for some time now: from marketing to prospect management and tenancy agreement creation to handover via app.
The new interface between EverReal and casavi now also eliminates the need to import data. The ERP used, casavi and EverReal are connected via interface and data is automatically processed further.

From notice to marketing with one click

When a termination is entered or noted in the ERP, it automatically appears on the EverReal dashboard under "New terminations". With just a few clicks, an exposé is generated and all synchronised master data is pre-filled.
Whereas the applicant profiles had to be sorted manually in the past, this is now done by EverReal. For example, the software determines the optimal prospective tenant profiles in a matter of seconds on the basis of the defined desired tenant criteria and can also coordinate viewing appointments automatically. Prospective tenants also manage their own search profile in "self-service", view documents or can submit them. To create rental contracts, the system simply takes the existing master data and sends the contracts digitally for signature. When the flat is handed over, the handover protocol is generated in the corresponding app and sent to all parties involved on site.

It has never been easier and more pleasant to rent and manage properties

With the new casavi-EverReal API, you and your customers benefit from:

1. Synchronisation of all master data and pending notices with one click in EverReal. This allows you to start renting as soon as a tenant change is due.

2. Real-time overview of the current vacancy directly in EverReal and the option to advertise the unit straight away.

3. A modern, positive customer experience and a high level of customer satisfaction during the rental process and after the contract has been signed.

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