Lack of specialists in the real estate industry: Time for new ways

Although the shortage of skilled workers is not a widespread phenomenon in Germany, it has become a serious problem in some industries. Property managers, housing companies, construction companies, real estate agents - they all complain about massive problems in finding qualified employees. The reasons for this are complex, but the good news is that solutions are available.

Whereas in the past, piles of applications for job advertisements landed on the desks of human resources departments, today a different picture emerges. Recruiters specializing in the real estate industry report that more and more companies are having to hire professional agencies to find suitable employees. But even that is no guarantee of success. Good personnel is in demand and the competition between companies is fierce.

This is exactly where the big problem lies for many companies: The real estate industry is booming, company growth would be possible without any problems. However, a lack of personnel is already a limiting factor on the road to success. This problem will not get any smaller in the future, but will even become more acute in the coming years and decades - thanks to demographic change.

Problems of the real estate industry - aging and lack of attractiveness

The average age of the real estate industry is already very high at 43.4 years - and rising. The reasons for this can also be found in demographic change. The birth rate is relatively low at 1.5 children per woman, and medical progress is enabling us to live longer and longer.

Forecasts assume that in 2060 every third German will be over 65 years old. However, it would be too simple and superficial to blame the aging society alone for the lack of young talent in the real estate industry.

In the past, many companies and societies have failed to create incentives for young, potential employees. There is still no nationwide digitization in the real estate industry. Other occupational fields and jobs that are already more advanced in development thus appear more interesting and attractive for young workers.

Too much work, too few employees - look for a smart solution

The situation is well-known: Especially in conurbations such as large cities, the real estate market is small and demand is high. For every advertised apartment there are usually hundreds of interested parties, which means a wealth of time-consuming workflows and processes for employees of housing companies and property managers.

Potential buyers of an apartment or property must be sorted and suitable candidates filtered out. With far more than 100 inquiries, this alone requires an enormous amount of time. After the selection of suitable prospective buyers, viewing appointments have to be arranged, cancellations sent and income of personal data obtained. For employees this means a lot of paperwork and countless phone calls on the way to renting a property.

This is exactly where many companies would like to have more employees to compensate for this workload. There are already ways and means to work more efficiently and faster in the rental business.

What about a smart solution that not only creates new incentives for young people, but also compensates for the current lack of future employees through digital processes?

Digitalization as an opportunity - software as a solution

This is where EverReal's software comes in. With EverReal, you can automate existing processes in the change of tenants and thus save a lot of time. Smart Tenant Matching makes it easy to find suitable prospective tenants for your property without a lot of effort and can automatically schedule viewing appointments.

Self-disclosures, such as proof of income or SCHUFA information can be queried digitally, saving you not only time but also tedious paperwork. All in all, with a software for the tenant changeover process you can achieve time savings of up to 80% compared to conventional analog processes.

EverReal's software gives you full control of all processes, completely digital and in a modern and clear platform.

Digitalization of your processes not only creates incentives for younger people to gain a foothold in the real estate industry, it also relieves existing employees of routine tasks and optimizes resource management.

Are you also affected by the shortage of skilled workers? Then learn more about EverReal's product and how you can compensate missing employees with digital processes.

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