Contactless rental thanks to digital possibilities

The real estate industry is at a turning point. Many property managers, asset managers and housing companies have recognized the urgency of the change from analog to digital corporate structures and are preparing for the future.

Especially in times when social contact is limited, it becomes clear how important flexible and mobile work systems are. Even in times of corona and isolation, innovative software solutions enable all rental processes to run smoothly - including apartment inspection.

Digital rental works contactless

While in an analog rental process a lot of information and documents are physically transmitted in paper form or direct contact, the digital version works almost contactless. Interested parties' inquiries are processed online and missing documents such as self-disclosure or proof of income can be uploaded by the interested party. The integrated Schufa query makes liquidity checks easier than ever before.

All documents and queries are stored centrally in a cloud and can be processed by any employee on the move. Internal communication can also take place completely contactless in this way.

Viewing apartments online? No problem!

The step in the contactless rental process that at first glance appears to be more difficult is the apartment inspection. Due to modern software, a contactless inspection can already be carried out very easily. Providers such as Ogulo or Immotours enable a 360° viewing of your real estate objects.

That is why a digital rental process is so important

Not only the possibilities of a contactless apartment inspection make a digital corporate structure indispensable for a successful future and competitiveness. If, for example, your tenant changeover process is handled digitally, you will rent out faster and increase the productivity of your employees. The time saved means that your company works more efficiently, which leads to improved profitability in the medium term.

Digital rental has many advantages over analog structures:

Find the right tenant quickly

Smart tenant matching allows you to create a profile of potential tenants for individual properties with just a few clicks, tailored to your customers' individual needs.

Using criteria you define, such as household size or income range, prospective tenant requests are automatically evaluated and you can immediately identify the most suitable applicants for the property in question.

More time through automation

Experience shows that most of the time of the rental process has to be invested in answering prospective customer inquiries and coordinating appointments. Rental software can perform these tasks automatically and in a matter of seconds it sends both suggestions for viewing appointments to selected interested parties and rejections to applicants who are not accepted.

On the one hand, this increases the productivity of your employees, on the other hand, customer satisfaction increases. Every inquiry, whether suitable or not, can be processed quickly and easily.

Sign contracts quickly and contactlessly electronically

If you decide on digital rental, you also benefit from the contactless electronic signature. By not having to send the contract to the prospective tenant or applicant, you save time and resources, as the rental agreement does not have to be printed out in multiple forms, but can be signed online by the prospective tenant very easily. As the electronically signed rental agreement does not currently comply with the legal written form of §§ 550, 126 BGB, you must ensure that a written form of the contract is signed at the latest when the apartment is handed over.

Sales management made easy

Software for the change of tenant is also the right tool for the sales management of your company. With just a few clicks you can view statistics and information on all marketing activities in real time.

For example, you can see immediately from which sources prospective customer inquiries originate and when and why prospective customers have cancelled. Digital structures are therefore an unbeatable tool for sales management.

If you would like to know more about digital rentals, you can find out more here.

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