How to save 10 valuable hours per letting transaction

Property managers and employees of housing companies have to deal with time-consuming work steps in the rental process on a daily basis. Thanks to smart technology, it is no problem today to save up to 10 hours per rental. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to do that.

Letting digitally saves time

Even if some companies have already recognized the need to digitize rental, digital work is not yet widespread in the real estate industry. Far too often manual processes are still used, stacks of documents have to be sorted or Excel tables have to be relied on. All of these time wasters can be eliminated by using intelligent software for renting and selling real estate.

Thanks to digital processes, companies lose less time on administrative tasks and have more time for customer service and new business. The following examples make it clear why digital leasing is essential for a modern and future-oriented company.

Advertising real estate? Has never been easier!

Intelligent rental software simplifies the publication of apartment advertisements enormously. Ads can be created directly in the software, and images can be edited as required. The finished advertisement is published in all real estate portals with just a few clicks. This can save up to 90 minutes per ad.

Where do all the inquiries come from? Simplify prospect management!

In large cities in particular, processing all interested parties is one of the greatest challenges in the rental process. On average, each property advertisement receives around 100 inquiries from interested parties. With several portals and properties, an incredible flood of inquiries comes together within a few hours.

Depending on the system, all inquiries must now be sorted and evaluated. Too often, due to lack of time, not all interested parties can be processed and only a selection of 10-30 inquiries is read.

Digital rental software is unbeatable here too: All inquiries from the various real estate portals are automatically assigned to the corresponding property and can be answered via the integrated chat. Based on previously defined requirements such as the household size or type of employment, the system automatically compares all prospect profiles and shows the tenants most suitable for the property in question.

The advantage: the system checks all inquiries and quickly and easily shows the relevant interested parties. These can then be invited to a viewing appointment with just a few clicks. Digital processes save companies a total of 2-4 hours per rental in prospect management.

Anyone who is well positioned in prospect management can save a lot of time when viewing apartments. Anyone who only processes 10-20 inquiries about a property must be very lucky to find the right applicant in them. If all inquiries are taken into account, the number of suitable prospects can be increased. Too often, unnecessary viewing appointments are made that cost one thing above all else: time.

Apartment viewing made easy!

The invitation to a viewing appointment usually runs like this: The landlord sends an email with suggested dates to the selected interested parties. They either have to confirm the appointment or send an email back with suggested appointments. It is clear that this creates a lot of communication effort. Here, too, rental software has a smart solution.

Suggested dates are sent to selected interested parties, who can then simply book the appointment online or suggest an alternative. The employee who is responsible for coordinating appointments saves the whole thing and sees clearly which appointments have been booked and which are still available. Interested parties are also enthusiastic because they can conveniently book the appointment at any time.

Applicant management: simply digital!

A digital way of working is also unbeatable when it comes to applicant management. No manual distribution of self-reports in paper or PDF format and no more chasing after missing application documents: Innovative rental software has also simplified this step.

Interested parties simply fill out the self-assessment online and upload all the requested documents. Incoming applications are clearly displayed to employees and checked by the employee. Thanks to the integrated SCHUFA information, the credit check can also be carried out with two clicks in the system. The risk of GDPR fines is also minimized, as the data is automatically deleted from the system after specified deletion periods.

Once the employee has identified the right tenant, the lease is automatically created, sent and made available to him for electronic signature. After the contract has been concluded, all remaining applicants and interested parties can be informed about the award with just a few clicks with a personalized message. So nobody is left by the wayside, which increases customer satisfaction and minimizes the risk of negative reviews.

The simplified communication and the online application process saves up to 3 hours of time and at the same time makes a valuable contribution to environmental protection by doing without paper.

Handover and acceptance - easier than ever!

The final step in the letting process is the handover or acceptance of the property. Here, too, rental software makes the use of paper superfluous. The employee who carries out the handover can note all relevant data, such as meter readings or the number of keys, with a tablet or smartphone. Photos are attached directly to the system and a handover protocol is automatically created, which both parties sign with their fingers on site and which are then sent as a PDF by email. Follow-up work is no longer necessary. Here, too, an intelligent digital way of working saves up to 40 minutes per rental.

The examples have made it clear: Digital rental saves valuable time compared to manual processes. Valuable time that you and your employees could invest in more important tasks.

Here you can find out more about the possibilities of digital rental.

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