Smart tenant matching: find the perfect tenant immediately

Smart tenant matching - that's the name of the latest buzzword that is haunting the corridors of real estate companies.

You know yourself how important reliable tenants are. There is a housing shortage in most major German cities. If you want to rent an apartment in a popular metropolis like Berlin or Munich, you have to compete against hundreds of interested parties. And the real estate brokers do not have an easy job either, because evaluating countless inquiries is a difficult and time-consuming undertaking. How nice it would be if a software program could take over this task. Now, exactly this is possible, because tenant matching is done online and uses a sophisticated algorithm that filters out the most suitable tenants based on personal data.

The whole thing is a little bit reminiscent of partner exchanges, because potential tenants are also checked for certain characteristics in Tenant Matching. Just like in a relationship, it must spark between tenant and apartment. Tenant Matching not only makes it easier for the landlord to find suitable tenants, but also makes it easier for interested parties to find a suitable apartment. When looking for an apartment, many people are often not clear about what exactly they are looking for. Only when filling out the form, which deals with tenant suitability, does it become apparent whether the property and the prospective tenant are a good match at all.

Housing search with tenant Matching: How to find the right rental apartment

Every potential tenant will probably have asked himself this question at least once in his life. The answer is that there are various reasons for the problems encountered when looking for an apartment. On the one hand, the search for real estate is still based on old principles, because new technologies are hardly considered in the real estate industry. Hundreds of prospective customers visit a dwelling - the lease however signs at the end only one. That this leads over short or long to frustration with the rejected applicants is obvious. Often it is also the prospective buyers themselves who feel betrayed if the rental apartment was unsuitable from the outset and they could have saved themselves the inspection. Such misunderstandings are due to poor communication and the outdated system that is not up to the sheer number of applicants. Innovative software that brings tenants and landlords together proves that there is another way. Smart matching of tenant and landlord ensures that interested parties are only shown those apartments that are suitable for them.

Certain segments of the population have a harder time finding accommodation: especially in large cities, families are finding fewer and fewer suitable rental apartments. As an alternative, families can rent a house. With the tenant matching, those properties that are unsuitable for families are excluded in the case of interested parties with children. Similar to families, potential tenants with pets are also excluded: Many landlords are rather skeptical about dogs and cats, while others strictly reject pets. To ensure that your apartment is handed over to the right tenant, certain requirements should be clear in advance. As a landlord, you must formulate your wishes precisely, and you should also have as precise an idea as possible of your ideal tenants.

Renting an apartment: with Tenant Matching in just a few steps to your dream apartment

You know exactly how it should look like: Your dream apartment may exist in your imagination, but the offers on popular real estate portals often do not match this idea. Before you rent an apartment or house, you need to know exactly what you are looking for. The clearer the requirements, the easier and more pleasant the search will be. A rented apartment is unlikely to fit one hundred percent, but thanks to Smart Tenant Matching, an optimal variant can be found for every interested party. Before a contract is concluded, suitable tenants are first contacted who meet the criteria set by the landlord. This tenant matching process saves time by filtering out unsuitable prospective tenants who do not match the apartment on offer from the outset. All potential tenants who have applied for a specific apartment are automatically shortlisted and then invited to an inspection appointment. During the application process, the matching system evaluates the questionnaires and identifies those interested parties who are eligible for a specific apartment. If certain details are missing from the application, the system automatically asks the interested party concerned.

Rent a house, rent an apartment: further steps to the rental agreement

As soon as the algorithm has hit the mark and found you as a potential tenant, the next stage of the apartment search begins. As with the classic variant, the path to the perfect apartment begins with an inspection. It is reassuring for the landlord to know that the prospective tenant is by and large what he is looking for. After the inspection, prospective tenants fill out a self-disclosure form, which goes into more detail about the respective circumstances of the potential tenant. This data is re-evaluated to update the matching relationship. In addition to a "real" apartment inspection, there is also the possibility of taking a virtual tour of the apartment or house. Already thereby some a prospective customer on half way will step out, if the dwelling proves already at the PC, on cell phone or Tablet as unsuitable.

On the conclusion of the contract with Smart Matching: How do I attract the right tenants?

Beautiful photos and an appealing description are a must, but the chances of finding the perfect tenant only increase with a meaningful exposé. As a landlord, you can effectively and optimally design your ad using a property exposé as a template. The exposé contains all important information about the apartment on offer and ensures that your property attracts the interest of potential tenants. It is important to consider which type of exposé could appeal to the tenant you want for your apartment. Your exposé should include the most important key data, a detailed description and a floor plan. Go into the merits of the property and emphasize points that may be relevant to the rental. You should also emphasize features of the apartment that you consider important or particularly desirable. However, you should always be honest, as this will prevent prospective buyers from wasting their time unnecessarily. The more comprehensive and detailed the exposé, the better the chances of finding a suitable tenant for your property quickly and easily. There is a suitable tenant for every apartment - the art is to find one. Tenant Matching helps you do this. Learn more about EverReal and its services on the EverReal website.

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