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Welcome to the 21st century!

Collaborate with business partners & clients in a modern way!

Share, edit and release information on objects and interested parties in one platform

Save yourself e-mails, phone calls and waiting time - from now on you and your business partner have access to all relevant information and documents on objects and interested parties in one place - the EverReal platform.

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Good bye to old school working methods!
You will love collaborating digital.

Good bye email ping pong & phone calls!

Share, edit & approve exposés, prospect profiles and reports digitally - at any time, structured and GDPR-compliant.

No chance for information loss & outdated data!

Nothing is lost digitally and all data is complete, error-free and available in real time.

Feedback & decisions without wasting time!

Fast coordination and decision-making processes become reality. Everyone involved has access at any time and can edit or approve.

Enthusiastic customers & satisfied employees - guaranteed!

Employees are relieved of monotonous tasks. Your customers will be enthusiastic about transparency, real-time data and the speed of processes.

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Working digitally with business partners is only possible with EverReal!

Our new function „Collaborate with business partners"  explained in 90 seconds.

These companies already collaborate digitally and are convinced EverReal-users.

„The possibility of digital and direct communication with the owners is a real argument for EverReal and their true unique selling point - it saves a great many steps for me and my clients and we don't find that with any other provider!"
Simon Klingler
Customer Consultant
„Previously, we had to download the self-disclosure and documents from each individual prospect, upload them again, email them to the owner, wait for a response, etc. With „Collaborate with business partner" it's 2 clicks! The owner sees all relevant information and can answer immediately. A time saving of 80%!"
Jan-Hendrik Schönfeld
Calenberger Immobilien GmbH
„It's a completely different way of working that also brings a modern customer experience - professional, transparent, fast. It just fits into the digital age and is fun, for our employees and our customers."
Sascha Lübke
„As landlord, it is important to me that I have access to all current data at all times and that I can give feedback easily - this works really well in EverReal. I find the chat function particularly useful - it clarifies ambiguities quickly and easily, even when I'm on the road."

EverReal is your efficiency accelerator & sales booster.

Save time & resources: save up to 10 hours per rental with automated workflows and smart functions

Accelerate sales growth: report and optimize based on data

Make everyday work easier: simple use on all mobile devices

Strengthening the brand: appearing under your own brand with a white label solution

Select new tenants with a click: determine the best prospect profiles immediately with Smart-Tenant-Matching

Everything in view: access to all information in real time

Work modern and sustainable: the entire letting process is paperless

Working in accordance with GDPR: e.g. don't miss any deletion deadlines

Only with EverReal

Welcome to the 21st century!

Collaborate digitally with business partners & landlords - share data, get feedback, issue approvals in one portal.

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500,000 residential units in Germany are managed digitally with EverReal. Be there too!