From interested parties to applicants - everything is digital and always traceable

Self-disclosure and credit check - reliably and quickly thanks to digital processes.

According to the GDPR, relevant information from interested parties is only requested if there is a legitimate interest, i.e. after viewing the property. In the activity overview you can see live how prospective applicants become applicants and in the next step the suitable tenant.

Digital self-disclosure - an end to mountains of paper

You invite interested parties to apply for the property. You define all required information in advance and the prospect fills out the self-disclosure digitally. Incidentally, this is possible from any device and all data is stored centrally.

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Check creditworthiness with just a few clicks

Check the creditworthiness of applicants with a check at Schufa. You will receive all the information about the applicant after a few minutes. And you can always view or call them up. Just download the PDF or update the request as needed. With the help of a traffic light, you can already see how the creditworthiness of the application is classified.

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Modern communication via messenger

EverReal messages are sent in messenger style. This is a modern solution for interested parties who are 90% able to communicate with their cell phones. And you and your colleagues will always see the current state of communication. This guarantees smooth communication. Standardized templates for communication with prospects and tenants save a lot of time every day.

EverReal - digitization that inspires the real estate industry

„With EverReal, we were able to speed up the entire rental process. Among other things, the automatic scheduling of appointments and the online self-disclosure is a significant improvement. The letting process is now completely paperless right up to the handover. Our sales department can now act even faster, more service-oriented and more successfully."
Toni Altindagoglu
Managing Director
PANDION Servicegesellschaft mbH
"Previously, we had to download the self-disclosure and documents from each individual prospect, upload them again, email them to the owner, wait for a response, etc. With „Collaborate with business partner" it's 2 clicks! The owner sees all relevant information and can answer immediately. A time saving of 80 %!"
Jan-Hendrik Schönfeld
Calenberger Immobilien GmbH
Applicant management works without paperwork - digitize now with EverReal!

Self-disclosure, credit check and communication with interested parties cost a lot of time and nerves. It is much faster and easier with automated processes and templates. Inspire interested parties and applicants with modern communication and fast reaction times.

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