Collaborate 100 % digital with business partners

With our new function, we are revolutionizing collaboration in the real estate industry. Finally work 100% digitally & inspire customers and employees!

The digital access to all relevant documents in one place for all those involved in the interaction makes e-mails and telephone calls superfluous. Our new function significantly increases efficiency and data transparency and minimizes information loss and error rates.

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Never ever again get lost in your e-mail-inbox:
share all relevant information in one platform

Save yourself emails, phone calls and waiting time - with EverReal you share relevant data and information about objects and prospects with the right person, at the right time. Get approvals or feedback with one mouse click, share your selection of prospects with the owner or grant access to real-time reports - without having to write an email or make a phone call. 100 % digital, GDPR-compliant and in real time.

Share object data with a click

Share data on units and objects with one click. You never have to export or import data again. Simply select object and share the data with the corresponding business partner from your contact list. Fast and secure - „data transfer" has never been so easy.

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Approvals and feedbacks - without time and data loss

The ad is created, now only the client's approval is missing. With one click you share the ad with him. Your client can now comfortably give his feedack or approval on his smartphone. The communication runs via a chat in EverReal - so no feedback is lost and the time for feedback rounds is significantly reduced.

From interested party to desired tenant - just one click

You can also share your list of suitable candidates with the client online in EverReal. Never before have clients been able to select a suitable tenant so quickly - with just one click, the applicant becomes the desired tenant.

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Rent quickly and efficient - with smart functions

Automated processes save time because they always run - on weekends, outside of office hours, during vacation or when you and your colleagues are on the phone yourself. Whether there is a lack of information when requesting a prospect, invitations to an inspection appointment or the sending of missing documents - every activity is carried out automatically and centrally in one system.

From interested party to desired tenant - just one click

How quickly do owners decide on a new tenant? With EverReal from now on in one click. You share your list with potential new tenants and with just one click the interested party becomes the desired tenant.

Approvals and feedbacks - without time and data loss

Are there still missing data about the object or is the ad ready and can be released by the owner? Using the simple chat function, you can ask the owner directly and quickly. The owner can send you missing information or his approval via chat comfortably and from anywhere with his smartphone.

Good bye to old school working methods!
You will love collaborating digital.

Good bye email ping pong & phone calls!

Share, edit & approve exposés, prospect profiles and reports digitally - at any time, structured and GDPR-compliant.

No chance for information loss & outdated data!

Nothing is lost digitally and all data is complete, error-free and available in real time.

Feedback & decisions without wasting time!

Fast coordination and decision-making processes become reality. Everyone involved has access at any time and can edit or approve.

Enthusiastic customers & satisfied employees - guaranteed!

Employees are relieved of monotonous tasks. Your customers will be enthusiastic about transparency, real-time data and the speed of processes.

Working digitally with business partners is only possible with EverReal!

Our new function „Collaborate with business partners"  explained in 90 seconds.

Our customers
love EverReal
Our customers

These companies already collaborate digitally and are convinced EverReal-users.

"The possibility of digital and direct communication with the owners is a real argument for EverReal and their true unique selling point - it saves a great many steps for me and my clients and we don't find that with any other provider!"
Simon Klingler
Customer Consultant
"Previously, we had to download the self-disclosure and documents from each individual prospect, upload them again, email them to the owner, wait for a response, etc. With „Collaborate with business partner" it's 2 clicks! The owner sees all relevant information and can answer immediately. A time saving of 80%!"
Jan-Hendrik Schönfeld
Calenberger Immobilien GmbH
„It's a completely different way of working that also brings a modern customer experience - professional, transparent, fast. It just fits into the digital age and is fun, for our employees and our customers."
Sascha Lübke
„As landlord, it is important to me that I have access to all current data at all times and that I can give feedback easily - this works really well in EverReal. I find the chat function particularly useful - it clarifies ambiguities quickly and easily, even when I'm on the road."

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Collaborate with business partners & owners 100 % digitally

Our new feature revolutionizes the way real estate experts work together from now on. 100% digital, without loss of time and information, in one portal. Share data, request feedback and get approvals - you've never collaborated so easily and uncomplicated. Try it out right now with a free test account.