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Contract processing made easy

Creation and conclusion of the rental contract, including setting up a deposit account

Typing in contract data has finally come to an end. Now the lease is automatically created for you - and the future tenant can even sign it electronically.

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Leases are drawn up (almost) on their own

Store your own templates and edit them while the contract is being drawn up. Object and applicant data are transferred directly, missing information is added. Send the contract directly to the recipient or download it. The contract is always available for further processing in the system.

Set up a deposit account in seconds

EverReal has a cooperation with the house bank Munich, one of the largest surety banks in Germany. With just a few clicks, you can create a deposit account online here. The data is automatically transferred to the rental agreement. The current status of the deposit account is displayed for both the property and the tenant profile.

Conclusion of contract with

EverReal offers various e-signature options for rental contracts. With the simple signature that is part of every package, you can speed up the signing of the rental agreement. This enables us to make contactless rentals.

EverReal - digitization that inspires the real estate industry

"We only need time for the tour itself. Everything else runs almost automatically: We have a 100% response rate to our prospects and 80% less effort for the preparation of rental contracts through standardization. This is fantastic!"
Lisa Mast
Property Management
Calenberger Immobilien
Finalize the letting process with the digital lease - you've never rented out so quickly!

With EverReal, you can now open a deposit account in a matter of seconds and, thanks to the digital signature, you can also rent without contact in the future. You can save up to 10 hours per rental process - if that's not a reason to talk to us.

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Contactless rental thanks to digital options

The real estate industry is at a turning point. Many real estate managers, asset managers and housing companies have recognized the urgency of the change from analog to digital corporate structures and are preparing for the future. Especially in times when social contact is limited, it becomes clear how important flexible and mobile work systems are. Innovative software solutions enable all rental processes to run smoothly even in times of corona and isolation - including an apartment tour.

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