Bring everyone involved in the rental and sales process together in one platform

With EverReal you have a holistic software solution for renting or selling real estate that interested parties, landlords, owners and partners will be happy to use. Easy to use, optimized for mobile use and with numerous functions that enable quick reactions and efficient work.

Collaborate digitally with business partners & owners

Save emails, phone calls & waiting time - with EverReal you share relevant data and information about properties and prospects with the right person, at the right time. Get approvals or feedback with one click, share your prospect selection with the owner or grant access to real-time reporting - without having written an email or made a phone call. 100% digital, DSGVO compliant and in real time.

Give your customers more freedom through your own prospect portal

Interested parties can submit a request at any time and are automatically informed about suitable properties. Viewing appointments are booked and managed online. Approved documents can be viewed comfortably in your data room. Files can be downloaded or uploaded with one click. The entire history including all automated emails is organized chronologically. All communication can also take place in EN with one click.

Expand your sales network

Enable partners to sell your objects. The collaboration works smoothly in the portal and you keep track of all activities. Exchange information, share documents and object data or assign tasks. In this way you can rent out more properties without having to use your own resources.

Modern communication from anywhere

Never forget important information or inquiries again. Notes and calls can be recorded on the go with the smartphone. All inquiries from all marketing channels are bundled centrally in one place. Processing of inquiries and future communication with interested parties takes place in the modern chat format. Easy. Communicate faster with automated and personalized templates.

The secure real estate data room

Upload all sales-relevant documents to your personalized cloud once. Grant access to the real estate data room for the respective property with one click. See at any time if and when a prospect has viewed documents.

EverReal - digitization that inspires the real estate industry

„We see ourselves as consultants and that is why it is so important for us to have enough time for good customer service. EverReal handles most of the time-consuming admin tasks in the lettings process for us: our email inbox is always tidy, enquiries are automatically answered according to set criteria, suitable tenant profiles are identified and viewing appointments are coordinated if requested. Perfect for focusing on customers!"
Stefan Buhl
Managing Director
KRASEMANN Immobilien Gruppe
"We have finally digitalized the entire rental process!"
Annette Jentkiewicz
Property Manager
BGLO - Baugenossenschaft Landkreis Osnabrück eG

One portal for the complete sales process of your real estate - EverReal

Take your rental process to the next level and inspire not only your employees, but also customers, partners and owners with your digital way of working. This will save you time and nerves and will market more objects faster and more in the future.

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5 reasons to rent real estate digitally

The real estate industry is booming - the order situation for property managers, landlords and property managers has never been as good. Nevertheless, there is still no comprehensive digitization in the real estate industry, which results in many missed opportunities. Digital processes help to handle the entire tenant change process faster, more effectively and with less stress and will play an increasingly important role in the future. We give 5 good reasons why digital rental is the right step now.

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