Find suitable prospects, without effort and almost by themselves

Whether renting or selling - save up to 2 hours a day in prospect management.

The ad is online, the phone is not standing still. Not anymore! All inquiries enter the system and are pre-qualified through smart tenant matching. How to automatically find suitable prospects.

Find suitable prospects for every property

Not every prospect fits every property. Most of the time you spend on evaluating prospective customers and reviewing documents in order to finally invite a selection of the best prospective customers to a tour. With smart tenant matching, you reduce this manual effort drastically and are now significantly faster when communicating with prospective customers.

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Every prospect request receives an answer

With EverReal, every request is automatically assigned to the corresponding object. You can see the processing status of each individual request at a glance and none will be forgotten or processed too late. And with smart rules, e.g. B. Cancellations are sent directly to unsuitable prospects, saving you unnecessary inquiries and not annoying anyone with long reaction times.

Build your own pool of interested parties

You have the opportunity to build your own prospect base with EverReal. This has the advantage that you can offer objects directly to these users in the future. You save the cost of insertion on a real estate portal, reduce the marketing time and offer your property exclusively and first to qualified contacts. A great added value for prospective customers, which will surely bring you many plus points for reviews.

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Whether administrator or agent - the digital solution from EverReal inspires everyone

„Since we started using EverReal, the amount of work we have to do with enquiries from interested parties has dropped significantly! Fewer phone calls and more time for the essentials.
Lisa Schrebb
WEG Management
Compass Immobilien
„Especially in Hamburg, we receive a large number of enquiries per advertisement. It is almost impossible to process them all. With EverReal, we can now guarantee that all interested parties and enquiries will be noticed, simply through an automated confirmation of your enquiry."
Henrik Mortensen
Owner & Property Manager 2020
Mortensen Immobilien e.K.
„We have been able to reduce the processing time of incoming enquiries by 70 % to a minimum."
Kira Süsens
Real Estate Agent
Pistoor Immobilien
„I am very excited because the EverReal platform has a positive impact on our working hours. We get about 70 % fewer calls today."
Isabel Rudolf
Property Manager
Reanovo Deutschland

Find the right prospects - quickly and almost effortlessly, with EverReal!

Every request counts and is important - because who knows whether today's prospective buyer will not become tomorrow's buyer or landlord! With EverReal you react instantly and find not only the right prospects, but also your future customers and clients. And that (almost) without manual effort and fully digitized!

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