Make decisions with a really good feeling

All data and information always at hand in real time.

All data is automatically collected and structured on our platform so that you can access all relevant information and reports in real time. And the most important thing: All files and data that you or your customers enter with us belong to you and only you.

Contract management at portfolio and property level

You can view the contract status of all properties in your portfolio at any time and dive into the details if necessary. With our stacking plan you can quickly and visually see which areas or units have been canceled or where the lease expires in the foreseeable future.

Everything at a glance - with the activity overview

See at any time how many interested parties, viewing appointments and applicants you have and when a degree is foreseeable. All reports can be filtered by branch, property or owner. The .csv or .xls are available as export options.

Reports & analyses in real time

Get an overview of important performance indicators and data of the marketing process in real time. Create well-structured reports for your clients and see the status of your portfolio live.

EverReal - digitization that inspires the real estate industry

"With EverReal we automate numerous processes, increase our productivity and at the same time receive valuable data about the effectiveness of our processes."
Martin Henke
General Manager
Capera Immobilien Service GmbH

More transparency in the entire rental and sales process for your real estate

You immediately recognize any weak points and are able to act quickly. You can track the marketing activities of external partners and increase efficiency and sales in your company with more transparency.

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