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Increase your profit by digitizing property lettings

Each of your employees who handles 60 rentals per year wastes around 330 hours on purely administrative tasks. That equals a cost of about 10,000 € per employee/year!

EverReal takes care of these tasks in the rental process for you at 3x the speed. The result: extra time and money can be invested in customer service and business development.

The Starter Edition of EverReal costs from 149 €/ month (incl. 60 transactions & 3 licences).

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This way you invest 330 hours & 10,000 € correctly in order to rent more profitably!

And at the same time reduce your employee fluctuation.

Your benefits with EverReal

More profitability: because you invest 80% of your working time in value-adding tasks such as customer care & new business.

Satisfied customers & clients: because you position yourself as an efficient service provider and offer a modern customer experience.

Less employee turnover: because your employees devote themselves to meaningful and interesting tasks while EverReal takes care of the admin stuff.

The digital assistant that handles two-thirds of admin tasks when you rent.

Rather invest working time and personnel costs in customer service, team and business development!

Because EverReal...

... answers enquiries according to your templates quickly & structured.

... selects the optimal prospective tentant profiles in a matter of seconds based on your criteria.

... coordinates viewing appointments, if desired.

... requests self-disclosures & stores them in the system in a complete and structured manner.

... creates rental contracts based on the master data with just a few clicks.

... sends tenancy agreements digitally and enables electronic signatures.

... enables the property or flat handover via app.

... makes all coordination processes much faster because everyone involved works digitally in the software.

Our customers
love EverReal!
Our customers

These companies already collaborate digitally and are convinced EverReal-users.

"Before, we had to download the self-disclosure and documents from every single prospective buyer, upload them again, send them by e-mail to the owner, wait for a reply, etc.". With collaboration feature it's 2 clicks! The owner sees all relevant information and can reply immediately. A time saving of 80 %!"
Jan-Hendrik Schönfeld
Calenberger Immobilien GmbH
„With EverReal, we automate numerous processes, increase our productivity and at the same time receive valuable data about the effectiveness of our processes."
Martin Henke
Managing Director
Capera Immobilien Service GmbH
"I chose the right software because for us EverReal is the right step towards digitalisation in the letting and sales process."
Stefan von Bargen
Immobilien-Ökonom & Unternehmer
Immobilienverwaltung Stade
"The possibility of digital and direct communication with the owners is a real argument for EverReal and their true unique selling point - it saves a great many steps for me and my clients and we don't find that with any other provider!"
Simon Klingler
Customer Consultant
"It's a completely different way of working that also brings a modern customer experience - professional, transparent, fast. It just fits into the digital age and is fun, for our staff and our customers."
Sascha Lübke

Digitize real estate processes now,
without any risk!

Unleash the potential of your real estate company today!

Step 1

Product presentation

We present EverReal in a short 15-minute web presentation. Of course, we are happy to answer all your questions and take enough time for this.

Step 2

Individual advice

You have decided to test EverReal. We are happy to take on your requirements and set up the software according to your needs.

Step 3

Training your team

Our product training does not require workshops lasting several days, but is done in two hours. In addition, we are always available for questions and assistance.

Step 4

Start instead of implementation

The software is ready for use in a few hours. From day one you feel the savings in working time and speed that EverReal brings to your everyday office life.