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iX-Haus digitally maps the real estate industry in an ERP software solution so that you can automate regular processes to a large extent. The software can be individually expanded at any time. As a holistic basic software, iX-Haus has a large number of possible interfaces to other special solutions.

With Haufe PowerHaus, the leading and tried-and-tested software solution, you can manage all types of professional properties such as condominium, rental, commercial or individual property management. As a reliable and future-proof ERP system, Haufe PowerHaus has grown with the experience of thousands of users.

The ERP software WOWIPORT is the essence of almost 70 years of experience of Dr. Klein Wowi in the housing industry and more than 20 years of expertise in the development of innovative software solutions for the finance and real estate industry.

SIDOMO® is a flexible, multi-client software product for property management. Developed for municipal or private housing associations, owner-managers or rental and WEG managers, banks, insurance companies and property developers.