PriceHubble and EverReal lauch a long-term partnership

  • Always sell and rent at current market value
  • Handle change of tenants and sale of properties maximally structured, simple, fast and 100% digital

Rent and sell real estate 100 percent digitally and always at the current market value

PriceHubble Integration in EverReal

Berlin, 25. April 2022 - PriceHubble, the specialist for data-based real estate valuations and analyses, and EverReal, powerful real estate platform that maps real estate leasing and sales completely digitally in one system, are launching a long-term partnership. With the integration of PriceHubble in EverReal, real estate companies can handle the change of tenants and the sale of properties in a maximally structured, simple, fast and, above all, always at the current market value.

Today, core business processes such as the (re)rental and sale of real estate are often still carried out via different systems or manually. Relevant current data, such as the average market rental or sales price, in order to work at maximum profitability, is missing and must be laboriously researched.
In the EverReal platform, which was awarded the German Real Estate Prize by immowelt in 2021, both real estate transactions can be completely and seamlessly mapped digitally - from marketing to prospect management and contract creation to handover via app. Numerous portfolio-relevant data is automatically collected in a structured manner and can be accessed in real time - including, as of now, the current property value, thanks to the new PriceHubble price indicator directly in the EverReal platform.

"EverReal stands for integrations of smart innovative partner solutions like PriceHubble, which make everyday work easier and more pleasant for real estate companies. For our clients, the price indicator means peace of mind that they are always renting or selling their property at the current market value and it offers them data-based flexibility when making important business decisions. Time-consuming and costly research and valuation are eliminated because PriceHubble automatically determines the market value in real time based on a variety of parameters in the background," said Nessim Djerboua, founder and CEO of EverReal.

Christian Crain, Managing Director of PriceHubble Germany adds, "PriceHubble and EverReal are united in their vision to bring the real estate industry into the digital age. When AI in real estate valuation and market analysis meet sophisticated process optimization in leasing and sales, all parties involved in real estate transactions benefit from simplicity, speed, data-based decisions and transparency."

Real-time property valuation thanks to the latest technologies and AI
Customers check whether their actual and target values are in line with the current market average as soon as they create their ad in EverReal. They can check portfolios for value potential and analyze new investments in just a few seconds.

The basis for the valuation of the properties is a highly developed statistical valuation model, a so-called Automated Valuation Model. With the help of big data analytics, state-of-the-art forecasting algorithms and artificial intelligence, this model can evaluate more than 450 property-related factors of a property at any conceivable location in Germany and determine the market price within seconds. This not only takes into account core data of the property such as its location, size, number of rooms or furnishings, but also socio-economic data on the neighborhood, infrastructure data, accessibility, comparable properties or construction projects in the area. According to research, more than 60 percent of a property's market value is determined by these non-traditional characteristics of a property. The PriceHubble model is able to incorporate a variety of these attributes into the valuation process to provide an actual market price in real time," Crain explains. Modern AVMs like PriceHubble's can determine market values in real time with a variance of only 5 to 15 percent.

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About PriceHubble:
PriceHubble is a Swiss B2B proptech company that develops innovative digital solutions - based on real estate valuations and market insights - for the real estate industry. PriceHubble's product portfolio leverages Big Data, advanced statistical analytics and attractive visualisation to bring a new level of transparency to the market. This enables clients to make real estate and investment decisions based on the most accurate data-driven insights (such as valuations, market analysis, value forecasts or construction simulations) and improve the dialogue with end consumers. PriceHubble's digital solutions support all players in the entire real estate value chain (including banks, asset managers, property managers, portfolio managers and real estate agents). PriceHubble is already active in 9 countries (Switzerland, France, Germany, Austria, Japan, Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic and Slovakia) and employs over 150 people worldwide.