EverReal has integrated the Schufa-disclosure

-Time saving of up to ten minutes per query

-Uncomplicated compliance with data protection requirements for EverReal partner companies

-Considerable facilitation especially for large inventory owners

Munich, April 7, 2020 - EverReal now offers the possibility of carrying out integrated creditworthiness checks with the German credit bureau Schufa as part of the automated rental process. This leads to a noticeable relief and time saving for the employees of the respective rental teams.

For EverReal customers who want to use the new function, only a one-time assignment of access data by Schufa and activation of the query function by EverReal is necessary. If these requirements are met, the creditworthiness of applicants for an apartment can in future be checked with just one mouse click after the interested parties concerned have submitted their self-disclosure in digital form. Manual entry of the applicant's data is no longer necessary. The query requires no interruption of the workflow and is fully automated, including filing. If some time has elapsed since the Schufa credit report was obtained, it can be regenerated if necessary. When setting up the query function, great importance was attached to making it easy for users to comply with data protection requirements.

"This way, we achieve a time saving of up to ten minutes per credit rating query", reports Arne Pistoor, owner of Pistoor Immobilien from Westerstede, about his first practical experience with the new function. A further advantage for landlords is the greatly simplified proof of justified interest in a Schufa information. This leads to a strong reduction of the total effort, especially for large property owners who regularly have a high number of Schufa-queries.

"With the integrated Schufa query, we have once again expanded the range of services of our integrated rental solution with a function that significantly reduces the extent of repetitive routine activities during the rental process," says Nessim Djerboua, co-founder and CEO of EverReal. "In addition to the cooperation with the Hausbank München in the area of deposit accounts, we have gained another renowned partner of housing industry companies in Schufa. By using EverReal and the functional extensions provided with our partners, our customers not only benefit from time savings, but also always have the certainty that they are up to date with data protection laws. If necessary, the data protection officers of the companies cooperating with us can access all the information they need to fulfill their tasks."

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