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The real estate market is tense and very cost sensitive. Rising costs face moderate incomes, time consuming processes face high employee frustration, resulting in hight fluctuation, demanding customers face lack of time and capacities. The solution is as easy as it can be: automating processes and integating smart workflows. Thus costs will be reduced, responding times increase, employees will be motivated and customers are more happy. Plus - revenues rise!

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We specialize in digital solutions for the real estate industry.

We offer smart solutions and features to eliminate manual and time-consuming processes in renting and selling real estate.

We offer a scalable solution that grows with you and your requirements.

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With EverReal you not only inspire your employees but also your customers and prospects.

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Our product training does not require day long workshops. It is done in two hours. In addition, we are always available for questions and assistance.

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The software is ready for use in a few hours. From day one you feel the savings in working time and speed that EverReal brings to your everyday office life.

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