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Lack of specialists in the real estate industry: Time for new ways

Although the shortage of skilled workers is not a widespread phenomenon in Germany, it has become a serious problem in some industries. Property managers, housing companies, construction companies, real estate agents - they all complain about massive problems in finding qualified employees. The reasons for this are complex, but the good news is that solutions are available.

Digital and creative concepts for your vacancy management

More than 100 interested parties per apartment in attractive locations are not uncommon. In other regions, however, demand is completely absent. The result - apartments and houses stand empty.

How to save 10 valuable hours per letting transaction

Property managers and employees of housing companies have to deal with time-consuming work steps in the rental process on a daily basis. Thanks to smart technology, it is no problem today to save up to 10 hours per rental. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to do that.

The Digital Reality Check: About still unused opportunities in the real estate industry

Anyone who has ever tried to settle matters with a landlord or his property management company quickly and conveniently as a prospective tenant or tenant knows that there is virtually nothing that can be done online. Instead, you are sent on a time travel back to the 1990s: Phone calls are necessary, paper forms have to be filled out, you wait for mail or even have to appear in person. "Do you have a fax?", this question could also be asked.

Digitalization of renting real estate: online renting is faster

The letting of dwelling is a complex affair: Exposés provide, prospective customer inquiries answer, the credit-worthiness of potential tenants examine. Whether you are real estate owners yourselves or as house and housing management the interests of landlords and tenants represent: Manual processes in the letting costs a lot of time.

Digital rental management: Renting properties online

To whom should the pretty three-room apartment in the heart of the city be rented, and who is the right candidate to sign the lease for his house today? Real estate agents and property managers have to deal with questions like these every day, because living space is scarce, but the number of interested parties is rising steadily.

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