December 16, 2020
10:00 am

Bye-bye paperwork: This is how you can manage the entire usage cycle of a property 100% digitally!

Sascha Lübke, Managing Director of Compass Immobilien, reveals how his company works more efficiently and profitably with EverReal and Casavi. The "digital administration" is a goal for many modern administrations. To do this, you need end-to-end digital real estate management with clever connections from ERP to administration and rental. In this online seminar you will get an insight into how casavi and EverReal complement each other in everyday work. Sascha Lübke (Managing Director Compass Immobilien) will share his practical experience with you. What you can learn: - How to start with digitization in your company. - How customers of Compass Immobilien perceive working with casavi. - How to simplify the administration and rental process- - More valuable tips from practice. Register now for the free webinar (duration 60 min.)

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