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API interface EverReal - casavi - holistic real estate management without a flood of paper, stress and scheduling chaos

Forget about the paper flood, appointment chaos and stress during the tenant changeover process. Supplement your ERP system with the special solutions by EverReal and casavi and focus on customer service and business development instead of monotonous admin tasks.

It has never been easier and more convenient
to rent and manage real estate

With the new API interface you benefit from:

Fast, transparent work processes in letting management and up to 80 % faster tenant changeover.

Synchronization of all master data and pending terminations with one click in EverReal – start renting out immediately when a tenant changeover is planned.

Real-time overview of the current vacancies directly in EverReal and an option to advertise the unit right away.

Modern customer experience & a high customer satisfaction throughout the whole rental process.

Our customers
love EverReal!
Our customers

EverReal and casavi - a powerful combination for successful rental and management of real estate

Digital real estate rental & sale with EverReal

Our powerful software maps your core business processes completely digitally and takes off many manual tasks. EverReal makes everything easier for you:

Create exposes almost automatically and publish them on all portals, as well as Facebook in just one click.

Specify the criteria for your preferred tenants and the software will sort the right profiles for you from a large number of inquiries.

Rent always at the current market value with the price indicator powered by PriceHubble.

Your prospects can manage viewing appointments themselves. Your online calender fills itself up and is always upto date.

Digital communication and collaboration with owners: Share data, get feedback, give approvals – all in one portal.

Create rental contracts quickly using legally compliant templates, sign them using e-signature and send them digitally.

Apartment handover per app for creating legible protocols and sending them fast on site.

Networked real estate management with casavi

casavi platform connects owners, tenants, administrators, facility managers andother service providers in an intelligent way:

Communicate with tenants and owners without postage costs: Send messages and important appointments by email, app or on the digital infoboard promptly.

Process management with real-time status: Damage reports and service provider orders are structured and stored centrally, including processing history.

Smart document dispatch: serial documents such as annual statements and or meeting invitations are sorted and assigned accordingly and distributed per post and digitally.

Resident platform + app as a service for tenants: emergency contacts, communication with neighbors, integration of services related to the property.  

Your benefits with EverReal: 

You act fast with all the necessary information and the current status at hand at any time.

Your work gets much easier and more enjoyable, and your employees are protected from errors and rectifications dueto a standardized procedure.

As a company you rent up to 80 % faster and therefore more profitably, you can set up your team more flexibly and seize new growth opportunities.

Your benefits with casavi: 

45 % less calls by distributing information proactively.

Postage savings by providing all the documents digitally.

85 % less time spent on processing orders.

Providing information through transparent histories.

Practical insights: How to manage the entire property utilization cycle online

Our webinar with practical tipps

Two PropTech providers - EverReal and casavi - are now able to cover the whole tenant changeover process as well as digital property management. Your benefits: fast, transparent workflows in the real estate lettings and 80 % faster tenant changeover.

Furthermore, you score with transparent contract, service provider management and digital communication with tenants via central email and document storage. In this webinar we will show you how the interface works and how you can benefit from using the combination of both of the solutions.

„Consistent digital real estate management - this can be done efficiently today if you rely on the right solutions in addition to the ERP! The tenant changeover is 100 % digital on the EverReal platform from marketing to the apartment handover - interested parties and owners are enthusiastic about the fast communication and the real-time updates. And after moving in, the customer service experience with casavi continues on a high level - tenants do not need to call us or send us letters to report a damage. Everything happens digitally, quickly and transparently. And we save lots of time and noticeably reduce sources of error thanks to the integration of both systems."
Sascha Lübke
Compass Immobilien
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