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EverReal - Your digital solution for tenant changeover and sales

EverReal makes everything easier for you. The powerful software maps your core business processes, real estate letting and selling, completely digitally and thus relieves you of many individual tasks.

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Create exposés with just a few clicks & publish them on multiple platforms simultaneously

All the relevant information about your objects is stored centrally in EverReal. When creating your exposé, data and photos are automatically transferred, so your ad is ready to be published in just a few clicks. You can then publish it on several portals as well as on Facebook.

No more selling & renting below market value again - thanks to the PriceHubble integration

With the PriceHubble integration, EverReal automatically determines the current market value of your property for you in real time. Already when creating an ad, you can see if your actual and target values correspond to the current market average and thus check your portfolio for value potential in seconds.

Finding the best-fit prospects in no time: With the right automations

Define criteria for desired tenants or buyers and EverReal will pre-select the suitable profiles for you from the variety of inquiries (the so-called smart tenant matching). Use our smart rules to automatically reject unsuitable applicants. As a result: with a prompt response, you will have more satisfied customers, which will have a positive impact on your corporate image.

Online appointement booking-an up-to-date experience & more efficiency

With EverReal, you can define specific time slots for a viewing for each property and invite your prospects via email. The prospects can then independently book available appointments directly online. And should it come to a cancellation or postponement, this is also done 100% digitally in EverReal. Your online calendar fills up automatically and is always up-to-date.

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Digital communication with owners via chat

Do you miss some property data, an exposé approval or a feedback on a prospect? In EverReal you can communicate with the owners easily and quickly. Get your exposés approved easily via chat and finalize the tenant selection with just one click. Feedbacks, approvals as well as missing information can be transmitted conveniently and from anywhere, even on mobile devices.

Create rental contracts (almost) automatically

Create your own templates and edit them while preparing the contract in EverReal. Object and applicant data are prefilled directly, all you have to do is add a few missing pieces of information. Send the contract directly to the recipient in the EverReal platform, or download it. The contract is also available for further processing in the system at any time. EverReal also offers various e-signature options for rental contracts. The simple electronic signature, speeds up the signing process by up to 75%.

Apartment handover via app

Carry out apartment handovers and inspections digitally using your smartphone or tablet. Record pictures, current meter readings and defects directly in the app. The final protocol is digitally signed by both parties, saved and then automatically sent by email.

All the relevant information at a glance

From property data, images, and application documents to rental agreements and handover protocols - all important documents are stored centrally and clearly in EverReal. With just a few clicks, you and your employees will find what you are looking for. And, all files and data that you or your customers provide belong to you and only you.

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Trade effort for a smile and benefit from:

These real estate companies are already benefitting from the digitally optimized processes

„The time we gain allows us to take care of our customers, both owners and prospective tenants, in a more individual way. This strengthens customer loyalty and our positioning as a service provider."
Henrik Mortensen
Owner & Property Manager 2020
Mortensen Immobilien e.K.
„The introduction of EverReal has given us another boost. We are on a successful digital path and EverReal plays an essential role in this. Neither during the introduction nor with the support did any questions remain unanswered and we were also able to contribute our own ideas. As a customer, you simply feel in good hands here."
Toni Altindagoglu
Managing Director
PANDION Servicegesellschaft mbH
"I chose the right software because for us EverReal is the right step towards digitalisation in the letting and sales process."
Stefan von Bargen
Immobilien-Ökonom & Unternehmer
Immobilienverwaltung Stade
"The possibility of digital and direct communication with the owners is a real argument for EverReal and their true unique selling point - it saves a great many steps for me and my clients and we don't find that with any other provider!"
Simon Klingler
Customer Consultant
"It's a completely different way of working that also brings a modern customer experience - professional, transparent, fast. It just fits into the digital age and is fun, for our staff and our customers."
Sascha Lübke
"Before, we had to download the self-disclosure and documents from every single prospective buyer, upload them again, send them by e-mail to the owner, wait for a reply, etc.". With collaboration feature it's 2 clicks! The owner sees all relevant information and can reply immediately. A time saving of 80 %!"
Jan-Hendrik Schönfeld
Calenberger Immobilien GmbH

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