With EverReal you rent quickly and profitably

Save several hours every day and generate additional business by marketing the property

With EverReal, you can cover all processes in the rental and marketing of real estate 100% digitally and GDPR-compliant. Whether document filing, email communication, viewing appointments - everything is central in one place. Thanks to intelligent functions, you will find suitable prospects in a short time and from viewing to the final signing of the rental contract, it is only a few clicks away.

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Rent profitably - with smart functions

With EverReal you have an overview at all times and can make business decisions based on numbers. Detailed reports, all activities clearly shown in a dashboard. And collaboration doesn't just work within your company and team. Grant mandates for renting or marketing within your partner network and keep an overview at all times.

Collaborate with business partners & landlords digitally in one platform

Share object data with business partners with just one click. Invite clients or landlords to view exposés and applications as well as to give digital feedback - directly in the EverReal platform.

EverReal_Reporting Dashboard

Make decisions based on numbers

With one click you can generate reports for owners. You can also make number-based decisions for your own company and see where there is a need for action. Whether the current marketing status or reasons for canceling appointments - from now on you can find all the data at a click.

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Well informed at all times

A glance at the dashboard is all it takes to see the current status of your marketing and rental processes. You can see at a glance the current vacancy in your portfolio, current contract conclusions or the receipt of new terminations. You can actively intervene in the process, for example by assigning tasks to employees or partners.

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Rent quickly and efficient - with smart functions

Automated processes save time because they always run - on weekends, outside of office hours, during vacation or when you and your colleagues are on the phone yourself. Whether there is a lack of information when requesting a prospect, invitations to an inspection appointment or the sending of missing documents - every activity is carried out automatically and centrally in one system.

Collaborate with business partners & landlords digitally in one platform

Invite clients or landlords to view exposés and applications as well as to give digital feedback - directly in the EverReal platform. Save yourself time-consuming e-mails, calls and waiting time and have all relevant information in one place and available at any time.

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Central document storage

All documents are always stored centrally on the object or during communication. You will receive an email - the attached file will be automatically assigned to the process. Rental contracts and handover protocols as well as digital self-disclosure - everything has its place.

Arrange viewing appointments online

Suitable prospective customers automatically receive an invitation by email to appointments that you have defined in advance. Postponements or cancellations can easily be managed via the portal. And you will find out why interested parties cancel visits.

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Prospect management

Are you afraid of inserting a property because you cannot cope with the flood of inquiries? Define a requirement profile for tenants and the system invites suitable prospective customers directly to the inspection. Interested parties who do not fit will receive a friendly rejection.

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Our customers
love EverReal
Our customers

EverReal - the digital solution especially for property management and housing companies

„The requirements profile of the property manager will become more extensive and complex in the coming years. Digital tools like EverReal simplify the daily work routine and create time for individual customer care."
Henrik Mortensen
CEO & Property Manager 2020
Mortensen Immobilien e.K.
„Today we are letting with a breathtaking speed: beginning from the ad, to selecting the applicant, the flat viewing, up to the contract generation, we are able to save more than 50% of the worktime."
Marius Overkott
Head of Property Management,
Hausverwaltung Thunnissen GmbH und Co. KG
„Thanks to EverReal we save today at least 50% of our worktime."
Bill Leopold
Marketing und Vertrieb Immobilienverwaltung,
Reanovo Deutschland
„From the lean process support to the fully-digital, integratable, renting-management-tool - EverReal has a lot of potential and the Team offers a valuable and fast support with a lot of good ideas."
Katrin Kirchner
Asset Management
MEAG MUNICH ERGO AssetManagement GmbH
„By using EverReal I got more time for other tasks of my day-to-day work."
Laura Didzioneit
Property Manager
Immobilienverwaltung Stade

Simply start, manage smartly and rent successfully with EverReal

Ackermann Group: 70 % less emails and calls and appointment management 100% online

Since the implementation of EverReal, Ackermann Group team has been managing viewings appointements entirely online and dealing with up to 70% fewer emails and phone calls. Learn more about what they value most about Everreal in our free case study.

MIAG GmbH: Successfully manage company growth

In 2019, MIAG GmbH saw above-average growth in its management portfolio. In addition, more new construction projects were added to the portfolio. The growth strategy presented the company with personnel challenges.

3KOMMA1 Immobilienservices: Resource allocation - focus on suitable prospects

3KOMMA1 was looking for a software solution that would not only make the time-consuming processes more efficient, but also improve the customer experience. The goal was to identify interested customers quickly, improve communication and to find an interface solution that integrates into the existing IT architecture.

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Digitize your rental process now

The many intelligent functions and automated workflows make daily work easier, create structure and scope for more value-adding tasks. With EverReal you save up to 10 hours on renting a property.

How to save up to 10 hours with renting - a step-by-step guideline

Real estate managers and employees of housing companies have to deal with time-consuming steps in the rental process every day. Thanks to smart technology, it is no problem today to save up to 10 hours per rental.

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